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Living in Geneva, AL

If you’re struggling with addiction or other personal issues, it can feel like you’re all alone—but you don’t have to be. Nextstep Ministries provides transitional living opportunities for those in Geneva, AL, and beyond. With a focus on faith-based services and opportunities for Christian housing, we strive to provide our clients with the next step that will lead them to a relationship with our Lord and Savior.

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Helping You Overcome the Obstacles in Your Life

Over the last several years, the body of Christ has recognized the devastating results of drug addiction and made it a priority to invest time and resources to combat this issue with the power of the Gospel. While wonderful strides have been made, another need is quickly becoming apparent.  

The path to recovery can be difficult, and many of those who are struggling don’t have a support system in place to hold them accountable. That’s where we come in, providing a transitional living experience that allows you to heal, grow, and find a path forward that will lead you toward a better life.

A Safe & Healthy Environment to Grow In

The purpose of Nextstep Ministries is to provide a safe and Christian-focused environment where men and women can transition from one living situation to another. Our transitional living team will work with you to understand where you stumble and how to avoid the roadblocks that life has put in your way in the past. We do this by urging our residents to create healthy habits, personal discipleship, worship habits, biblical study, and godly accountability, all to the glory of Christ.

Assisting Those
From All Walks of Life

Every day, someone falls into the clutches of drug addiction. When they’re at their lowest, it might be impossible to find their way out. This scene, and worse, plays out time and time again in the lives of men and women who graduate from treatment programs or are released from jails. Often, they find themselves with no place to go other than where they were at their lowest moment. This is where our transitional living opportunities come in. When you want to rebuild your resources and invest in a prayerful relationship with Jesus Christ, we’ll welcome you with open arms and allow you to create a life centered on Christian values.

Working With Us Today!

If you’re searching for a transitional living facility that’s compassionate and supportive, come to view our Christian housing opportunities at Nextstep Ministries in Geneva, AL. Give us a call today to learn more about our faith-based services.

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